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The aim of the VNET initiative is to advance the level of maturity in user-centered product creation by promoting professionalism and a common approach to user validation.

The VNET website contains recommendations for good practice in user validation. The approach is open and not method-specific. VNET guides to cost-effective methods for a defined development project. Accompanying material for coaching, training courses and workshops carried out by ACit can be used as an aide-memoire to structure, document and manage user validation, help development projects to start up effectively and quickly. The resources are addressed at professionals with different backgrounds and roles.

The content of the VNET website is based on information created by VNET5 and previous research projects. VNET5 has contributed to the development of competence in user-centred product creation in workshops and through individual coaching of projects and development teams. It was judged very positively by all stakeholders. More than 600 members of the VNET5 network have exchanged experience with practicable methods for user needs analysis and user validation.

The VNET approach to user validation has been applied to many different types of products and services, including mobile and web applications, knowledge management, cross-media publishing, applications for e-Health, e-Learning, e-Business, Geographical Information systems, and man-machine interfaces of automotive systems.