User Research Methodology

A large variety of methods and approaches for user research is available for product tests, identification of problems which users have, and for comparing different services or products according to efficiency, acceptance, difficulty to learn and other factors.

We have long standing experience with a wide range of methods and standard approaches, which are described systematically in our VNET database. In addition we have specialised in user research for networked and information-centric applications.

Together with our partner Keapro GmbH we perform research on user needs, preferences, decision making, and the behaviour of prospective users. We use facilities for efficient and reliable online data collection combined with advanced and proven scientific methods for research on human behaviour. We offer:

  • Coaching and consulting for specific approaches for a given issue and application domain
  • Planning and complete implementation of user research studies with the efficient online research infrastructure of Keapro GmbH
  • Analysis of results, reporting, presentation of results, conclusions and recommendations

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