Former Research and Development Projects

Contract research and participation in European and national research programs such as ICT Framework Programme, TAP, ESPRIT, RACE and PROMETHEUS is an important field for developing leading-edge technology and solutions. We have developed effective and efficient methods for user simulation, and analytical and empirical validation of interactive, digital systems. We are early pioneers for promoting "quality of use" in RTD projects and industry. We have developed the VNET approach for user oriented product creation which we apply for our solutions. Recently we have developed innovative online research tools for user research and methods for the measurement of information quality.

  • ACTIVE - Enabling the Knowledge-Powered Enterprise
  • AXMEDIS - Automating Production of Cross Media Content for Multichannel Distribution
  • SEKT - Semantic Knowledge Technologies
  • EU-Domain - Enabling Users for Distance-working and Organizational Mobility using Ambient Intelligence Service Networks
  • INFORM - Information on Interactive Electronic Publishing
  • METIS - Multimedia Interactive Environments for Distributed Teamwork Promotion in Schools
  • Best-GIS - Best Practice in Software Engineering and methodologies for developing GIS applications
  • EuropeMMM - Efficient Use of Remote and Online Publications of Electronic Multi-Media Materials
  • BIBB Forschungsauftrag "Elemente eines Handbuches zur Qualität von Lernsoftware"
  • ELPUB 105 Usability Study - Handbook for practical usability engineering in IE projects
  • GEM - Generic Evaluation Methodologies for integrated driver support systems
  • MUSIC - Metrics for Usability Standards in Computing
  • HUFIT - Human Factors in Information Technology

Coordination of European research projects:

  • VNET5 - Advancing User-Centred Product Creation in interactive Electronic Publishing
  • UPI - User Validation in Information Engineering Projects
  • BASELINE - Baseline data for user validation in Information Engineering