About ACit

ACit – Advance Concepts for interactive technology GmbH is a research-oriented consulting company active in the field of information and communication technology. ACit was founded in 1992. We have long standing experience with user-oriented research and development of innovative applications and leading-edge technology. Our core competencies are comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the design and evaluation of interactive technical systems and digital media. Our emphasis is on the improvement of man-computer and man-machine interaction in terms of productivity for the owner and quality of life for the users.

Customers and users see quality of use as an important factor for their choice between available products. While the functionality of products is steadily increasing, users keep demanding products which are easy to use, require no learning effort, and offer added value. We can demonstrate that the investment of producers of professional products into quality of use pays back by lower support cost, fewer demands for revisions, and longer product lifetime. Customers achieve higher productivity. The loyalty of customers and users is strengthened by higher productivity, fewer problems, and reduced training requirements.

ACit is committed to deploy the most effective methods for optimizing the quality of use of interactive applications and digital media.

Business activities include consulting, contract research and collaborative RTD in European and national research programs such as ICT Framework Programme, TAP, ESPRIT, RACE, PROMETHEUS. Research projects are an important source for knowledge and competence in the development of effective and efficient methods for simulation, analytical and empirical validation of interactive, digital systems. We are early pioneers for promoting "quality of use" in RTD projects and industry. VNET is a proven approach for user oriented product creation which we have initiated and apply for our solutions. Recently we have specialized in innovative online research tools and methods for the measurement of information quality.

Our team consists of a network of dedicated, professional experts with complementary skills and with more than 20 years of experience in man-computer interaction, "quality of use" assessment, usability engineering, user experience research und ergonomics. We team up with experts in other european countries (e.g. Kea-pro GmbH).

Our services: We deliver services during the project and development process and we coach our clients to develop in-house competence for user-oriented product development.