User research for IT applications and WWW services


User tests and customer feedback are essential to improve the quality, acceptance, and success of interactive products and services.

ACit performs user research for clients and for partners in cooperative RTD projects.

ACit provides coaching and consulting to develop your in-house competence for user research specific to your products, user groups, and market sectors.

Remote User Testing

Significant advantages are gained by testing users and their response to new services via the internet.

We specialise in methods and software tools for reliable and effective remote user tests, including standardised and proven on-line questionnaires for a wide range of cases.

These methods have been successfully applied and integrated in previous projects with content services and social media.


User research methodology

A large variety of methods and approaches for user research are available for product tests, identification of problems which users have, and for comparing different services or products according to efficiency, acceptance, difficulty to learn and other factors.

We have long standing experience with a wide range of methods and standard approaches (documented in VNET).

In addition we have specialised in user research for web-based and information-centric applications.




The in-house competence of organizations for managing user research is developed effectively by coaching in the context of ongoing projects. This may include a user-oriented product creation process for new products or the continuous monitoring of the quality and competitiveness of web services.

Our coaches develop competence "on the job" by supporting staff with external expertise. As a result, internal staff is enabled to perform state-of-the-art user research in future projects autonomously.


QoU Assessment

The assessment of the quality of use is an essential step in the process of improving products and services.

The most cost-effective approach for a specific situation is found by analyzing all aspects and by selecting appropriate user test and system evaluation methods.

Independent experts support management and development teams by recommending and implementing a detailed validation procedure which fits their requirements.