Our goal is to help our clients to develop high quality products and services in a holistic, customer and user oriented product creation process. Our range of clients extends from small research oriented companies to large and global organizations, the majority of which are SMEs and developers of innovative products and services.

Among our previous clients are Alcatel SEL, Altus Analytics AG, Andersen Consulting / Accenture, BMW, British Aerospace, Bundesinstitut für berufliche Bildung (BIBB), Cnet Svenska, Chambers of Commerce Düsseldorf and Münster, Daimler Benz / Daimler Chrysler AG, Mercedes Benz AG, Data Management, European Commission, Finsa Consulting, GISIG, Ibermatica S.A., Landesregierung NRW, SEMA Group, SIEMENS AG, Systec GmbH, Verband Berufliche Qualifizierung e.V.

Domains of Products and Applications

Internet, mobile and telecommunication applications, semantic web, knowledge management, information engineering, electronic and cross-media publishing, social and healthcare, computer based training and multimedia education, geographic information systems, office and business applications, wearable computing, driver assistance systems in the automobile industry